Ryan's 'Case for Smiles'


Pillowcases are a fun and easy way to introduce beginners to the art of sewing.  The edges can be finished using a zig zag stitch,serged, or even using french seams.  A decorative stitch on the border can add a lot of pizazz!  When the pillowcase(s) is/are finished, please wash them in a mild detergent and place in individual ziploc bags.  They are ready to be dropped off at the closest drop off location for pick up or mailed to the regional coordinator, Debra Bartz.


 Easy French Seam Pillowcase Pattern by Debra Bartz

 Step One:    Cut Fabric  (width of fabric usually about  44”)

               Body: 27” x width of fabric

               Border: 10” x width of fabric

       Trim (Optional): 3” x width of fabric 

Step Two:   To Sew border to main part: lay the border out flat and place the body on top of the border (optional 3” trim folded in half lengthwise on top of body if using), right sides up and put a couple of pins along top to hold in place.  Roll bottom edge of body up till almost to the top.  Wrap border around the 'roll' and pin in place along the border- (you will have the top edge of the border,  the top edge of the body, the two edges from the trim if using, and finally the bottom edge of the border).  The rolled part is on the inside by the fold.  This is sometimes called the 'hot dog technique', a "burrito" or 'Bernina roll') stitch with ½” seam allowance.  Make sure to remove all pins!!!  Turn right sides out by pulling the body out the edge along one of the sides until completely out.  The finished border will have no raw seams visible. Trim sides to even if border length is shorter/longer than the body due to width of fabric differences.

Step Three:   Fold case with wrong sides together and seam sides and bottom using ¼” allowance. (You will be sewing on the right side first and then turn inside out).  Trim and turn case with right sides together, press seam, and then sew using 3/8” seam allowance.

       Turn right side out.  Smile.  Congratulations, you did it!!

                                                                                                            ~Thank You~



**Note:  There is a great tutorial online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrYWCma9wgM on how to make these amazing pillowcases.  If you need help, please send me an email at conkerrheart2heart@live.com.  Debra.