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My 10 year old daughter requested a thread where she can share something to make you smile and add a little clean humor.


Debra Bartz, ConKerr Cancer Regional Coordinator

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Catagory: Books  never written:

                                                                                                                                                                        " Tape recording for beginners" by Cass-Ett  :)                                                                                      

" Don't Leave without me!" By Isa Coming

Last but not Least,    "Pigs" by Lotsa Bacon  

( I hope you liked them!!!!!!!!!!! ):)

Sincerly, me:)

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sorry I havn't done this in a while, ive been bizzy with school, and homework and watching my yunger sibblings. Man can they be a handful!!! One minute their there and the next minuet their not. Well anyway, here is a handful of jokes, toung twisters, and more! 

Toung twisters::)  ( i thought of them myself! )

dareing dancing dogs danced on jumbo dragonflys

billy bob blacked out black backrounds!

7 silly salamanders swang an swinging swings

Just jokes!

Is chickan soup healthy?        Not if your the chicken!

How can you make seven even?       by takeing of the S !

what do seamonsters eat?  fish and ships !

why did the todler cross the park? to get to the other slide !

I hope you liked today's ( most likeley this week's ) jokes! Have a great day!!!!!!!!!:D


                Me, myself & I !

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